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PixelJunk Monsters is a series of games that is avaible through the Playstation Network and Steam. PJ Monsters and PJ Monsters Encore are only for the PS3 while PJ Monsters Deluxe is for the PSP and can be acquired in UMD, also with PJ Monsters Ultimate for PS Vita as well as in download. PJ Monsters Ultimate HD is available through Steam.

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PixelJunk Monsters is a "Tower-Defense" game where you have to defend your hut against various enemies using towers that you build along their path. There are a total of twenty levels in the original game with new levels becoming available in PixelJunk Monsters Encore. The game runs in HD graphics, and has a vibrant and colorful yet simplistic art style.

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When you play, your mission in every stage is to protect your flock from the fearsome monsters that want to eat them. Build and upgrade towers, destroy monsters, collect Coins and Gems, and research new towers. Each level comes with a variety of ground and air enemies with different strengths and weaknesses. Place your towers properly to protect as many of your 20 villagers as you can.

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